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Driver Joystick X Tech Xg-881s




or something like that when i play some games in ubuntu i can't move the mouse around the screen? any idea how to fix that? misfit: nope... greenmang0: oh? hm Sager, im missing one more thing, the wget, did you check the sourceforge site for the install instructions? goddard: the graphics driver could be messed up phlak_user i know my graphics driver is fine cause in other OSs i can use the drivers misfit: you know which player are you using? goddard: you say its fine, do you have a dual-screen setup? nope greenmang0: when I plug my 360 controller into my computer, it lists it as a joypad. How can I make it say so? no just one screen misfit: oh.. no idea goddard: okie its just very weird Sager, I've also read this misfit: try with a game where you use mouse first goddard: what graphics card and driver you are using? greenmang0: When I try to run some 3rd party games, they usually let me move the mouse around, it seems like that's what the problem is phlak_user nvidia gtx 660 it just happened suddenly no i have nvidia drivers installed misfit: maybe graphics drivers have problem then.. i am also using nvidia goddard: check with nvidia-settings what driver version it is using misfit: try some game without a mouse greenm



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Driver Joystick X Tech Xg-881s

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