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The poultry industry has been developing very dynamically over the last ten years. New technologies for breeding are introduced and new standards for feeding are imposed; the health and welfare of the birds is emerging as a priority to producers and consumers of poultry products. In such an environment, the role of technical service is crucial for achieving good production results.

Technical Support

  • Technological guides

  • Production programmes

  • Vaccination programmes

  • Veterinary examinations

  • Consulting on IT equipment

  • Advice on feeding birds 

  • Useful Information

  • www.poultryhub.ogr


  • www.

  • Egg market presentation and prices


Снимка от семинар на Булагро 97

Bulagro 97 AD organises seminars that aim to introduce the newest developments in the industry 

and discuss current issues. Our team of experts, consultants, and cooperators will quickly find the right solution to each problem. Its task is to help with everything that is needed to achieve excellent production results.​


Laboratory diagnostics

Lohmann Breeders

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