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The birds of the LOHMANN BROWN CLASSIC hybrid have a perfect exterior, strong and well defined chest muscles, and well developed muscles of the legs and wings; fine brown colored feathers with lighter shades and white on the tail. The calm temperament, well-developed skeleton, and muscles help for the successful adaptation of the birds to the various breeding technologies and for their high survival. Characteristic of the hybrid are the high productivity throughout the laying period and the very good metabolism which plays a key role for the excellent feed conversion. Eggs are characterized by a thick dark brown color, proper shape, thick and sturdy shell, optimum size, and lack of odor. 


The birds of the LOHMANN LSL CLASSIC hybrid are an undoubted European leader.They have an attractive snow white plumage and handsome exterior, well-developed skeleton and muscles, and calm temperament.They have excellent adaptation both in cage systems and alternative ones.The impressive productivity and low conversion of feed cause admiration and applause. Snow white eggs with intact shells, beautiful shape, and optimum size are a benchmark for quality. The role of the LOHMANN LSL CLASSIC hybrid is fundamental for the development of the European market of white eggs.


The impeccable conditions and innovative technology of our farm, combined with the excellent genetic potential of the LOHMANN hybrids, ensure the high quality of our breeding eggs.

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