Customer Care

1. Validity of our general terms and conditions of sale and delivery

The General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery are required if you want a quotation or expect confirmation of an order. Other conditions of the buyer are valid only when accepted in writing by us. Other arrangements other than the general terms and conditions of sale and delivery between Bulagro 97 AD and the buyer are retained but priority is given to these terms and conditions.

2. Quotations

Our quotations are valid for two months unless the quotation states another period. Production and vaccination programmes as well as the qoutations made by Bulagro 97 AD should not be reproduced and presented to third parties but treated as confidential.

3. Orders

Orders are accepted in writing by e-mail, standard mail or SMS, also oral and telephone orders or orders made during the meetings between Bulagro 97 AD and the buyer. The issuance of a proforma invoice by Bulagro 97 AD fixes the parameters of the commercial transaction and together with the down payment by the buyer shall be deemed confirmation by both parties.

4. Cancellation of orders

Cancellation of orders can only be made in writing thirty days before the planned delivery of chickens. In this case the buyer does not pay a penalty for failure. In case of cancellation of an order within the term and made down payment, the amount is recovered by Bulagro 97 AD within seven days as of the written notice.

5. Prices

Our prices do not include vaccines for IB, Newcastle, Marek's disease. The terms of delivery are according to Incoterms 2010 (Incoterms, short for International Commercial Terms). Our prices do not include VAT. 20% VAT is charged on all sales in Bulgaria. Sales in the EU and other countries are not subject to VAT. Bulagro 97 AD provides 2% of the total number of chickens free of charge to compensate the buyer for any errors in sex separation, counting of chickens, mortality during transportation, and vaccination errors.

6. Payment

After accepting an order, Bulagro 97 AD prepares a proforma invoice for the delivery. The relevant invoice is issued within three days after receipt of the down payment. After delivery of the goods, an invoice is issued within five working days. The payment of invoices shall be made according to their terms. In case of a delay of the down payment, Bulagro 97 AD has the right to change the date of delivery. In case of a canceled order after making the down payment, Bulagro 97 AD is entitled to retain the payment as a penalty for failure.Bulagro 97 AD has the right to assert additional claims over the amount of the down payment in case of an order cancelled without a reason. In case of late payment, Bulagro 97 AD is entitled to charge interests at the rate of 15% annually.

7. Retention of title

Supplied chickens remain property of Bulagro 97 AD until paid in full. The costs incurred by the buyer in raising chickens are entirely at his expense. Bulagro 97 has the right to dispose regardless of the age of the chickens.

8. Vaccines for one-day-old chickens

Chickens are vaccinated in the hatchery according to your order of vaccines IB, Newcastle, Marek's disease, IBD, ILT. The record of vaccination shall describe the type and method of the vaccine. 

9. Sex separation

In the sex separation of chickens for brown eggs, a one in one thousand error is possible. In the sex separation of chickens for brown eggs, a one in one hundred error is possible.

10. Packing

Chickens are packed in special plastic cartridges for live chickens of 100 units or in special corrugated boxes for live chickens of 80 units each. Plastic cartridges are washed and disinfected before and after each use. Corrugated boxes are not included in the price of the chicks.

11. Health status

Chickens are free from Salmonela enterica, Micoplasma galisepticum, Aspergilus fumigates, and Pasteurella multocida. The control of the breeding farm is performed in accordance with EC 200/2010.

12. Shipping and delivery

In accordance with the conditions of delivery under Incoterms 2010, the goods are transmitted to the Buyer. In case of acceptance of the goods at the hatchery of Bulagro 97 AD, the buyer or the authorized carrier take the full responsibility for the transport. In case of unrepresented import permits, outstanding payments for the import of chickens and other activities missed by the buyer for the rapid border crossing and customs clearance of the goods, Bulagro 97 AD does not take responsibility for the quality of the delivery. Documents at incoming and transit customs are prepared by a shipping company authorized by Bulagro 97 AD. Customs duty documents are processed by a shipping company specified by the buyer. Both parties shall be mutually informed of their choice of shipping companies three days before shipment. Where the incoming customs is the clearing customs, the documents are pepared by the shipping company specified by Bulagro 97 AD. Veterinary fees, tolls, and forwarding costs at incoming and transit customs are at the expense of Bulagro 97 AD. All duty costs and other arising from the import of chickens are at the expense of the Buyer. Bulagro 97 AD notifies the buyer three days in advance of the date and estimated time of delivery. The buyer is obliged to take all necessary actions for rapid customs clearance and dumping of chickens regardless of the time of arrival.

13. Guarantees and returns

We guarantee the health status, origin, and genetic potential of our products in accordance with the certificates and technological guides issued. In case the buyer does not fulfill the recommendations in the technological guide, he is fully responsible for all ensuing defects.

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